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Chinese New Year Custom-----www.yuxiangrug.com
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Chinese New Year Custom-----www.yuxiangrug.com

The Spring Festival is the most grand and lively festival in China. The traditional "Year of the Year" is commonly known as the "New Year." The Spring Festival evolved from the ancient pilgrimage of the ancient times. The ancient cadre calendar provides the preconditions for the birth of the festival. The original belief and ritual culture are important factors in the formation of the festival. In the New Year, the New Year of the Lunar New Year is centered around the festival, and it is carried out in the form of activities such as the old cloth, the welcoming of the ancestors, the worship of the ancestors, and the praying for the harvest. The festive atmosphere is rich and rich in content, condensing the essence of the history and culture of the Chinese civilization.

In ancient China, the folks had a custom of the New Year. In the ancient times, the New Year had specifically referred to the "Lichun" of the 24th solar terms. When the solar terms are in the spring, the yin and yang are transformed, the yang and the squatting, and the objects are all spring, which means that a new reincarnation has been opened. Later, due to changes in the calendar, the New Year usually refers to the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. The New Year has a long history. In the course of development and inheritance, some relatively fixed customs have been formed, many of which have been passed down to the present, such as sweeping dust, running new year, posting red, group years, year-on-year, lucky money, worship, dragon dance, Lion dance, tour god, ancestor, firecracker, year and so on.

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